Single origin coffee is one of the best ways to start your morning with the perfect balance of flavor, purity, and consistency you won't find in any other coffee. Most coffee drinkers are not aware that the coffee they are drinking is often a blend of several different types of coffee that come from all over the world. Single origin coffee is different, providing a consistent, pure composition every time. At Steamy Bean, we provide some of the best single origin coffee on the market from regions like Mexico, Guatemala, and Bali. 

      What is Single Origin Coffee?

      You may be wondering “What is single origin coffee and how is it different from a coffee blend?” Single origin coffee is exactly what it sounds like, coffee sourced from a single farm, region, or country. By sourcing the coffee from one location, the coffee maintains a more consistent flavour with a pure composition. 

      Unfortunately, there is one downside to single origin coffee that you may encounter: availability. Because single origin coffee comes from a single region, availability is normally limited to the harvest season in that area. Luckily, Steamy Bean provides a range of single origin coffee from a variety of regions to maximise the availability of select beans so you can have the best single origin coffee available year-round. 


      Single origin coffee has a noticeably different flavor profile than coffee blends. This is because single origin coffee is left completely unaltered with only a single type of bean from a single region. 

      On the contrary, coffee blends include a variety of beans that may be sourced from several regions. Because of this, the flavor may be impacted by the different beans included in the blend. 

      In general, single origin coffee is more robust than coffee blends while blends provide a balanced flavor using complimentary beans.


      Because single source coffee comes from only one region with only one type of bean, it is, by definition, completely pure. This purity ensures higher quality coffee that is highly sought after by those that appreciate a crisp cup of coffee such as a pour over rather than a milk-based beverage such as a latte. 


      As mentioned above, single source coffee has a bold flavor that does not change from bag to bag due to the consistent harvest source. Coffee blends, on the other hand, tend to fluctuate in both flavor and quality. 

      If you are looking for an exotic, robust coffee to kick start your morning, single origin coffee is the perfect choice for you. At Steamy Bean we provide top quality coffee from some of the best regions in South America. The best part is, we offer these top-quality coffee beans at an affordable price starting as low as $17.95 for a 12 ounce bag. 

      So - what single origins are available, and where might you start? Let’s consider a few below.


      Our Costa Rican Steamy Beans, sourced from the Alajuela region, provide flavors of sweet apple, raisins, and honey, providing a genuinely delectable combination of springtime or autumnal flavors that help us reminisce the feeling of nature hikes, time in the fields, and the expansive freedom of natural produce.

      The natural volcanic loam provides a unique taste, measuring a three on our darkness scale. Such a medium roast can serve as a fantastic daytime coffee.


      Peruvians know how to grow the most beautiful coffee flavors out there. Our medium roast salted caramel flavor can help you feel as if you’re occupying a comforting shelter in the middle of a rejuvenated rainforest.

      Grown in clay minerals in the Piura and Amazonas regions, this silky sweet and slightly citrus flavor can help you fall back in love with the true depth of combinations experienced coffee growers and roasters can provide.


      From our smallholder farmers in Antigua comes our range of Guatemalan coffees, with many different grind types offering you further control over how you consume your coffee. With dark chocolate, bright fruits, and butterscotch variants, you’ll no doubt see just how delectable Moorish coffee that has been grown within volcanic loam and then washed and sun-dried can be, with a process stretching back thousands of years.


      A truly unique flavor of green apple, chocolate, and cinnamon is provided via our Mexican growers, showcasing a worthy outreach from the regions of Chipias and Oaxaca in the best possible light. Clay minerals that provide the most energy-enhancing caffeine kick fuse the flavor into these beans and ensure a perfect, uniform result every time.

      Not sure which single origin coffee to try first? No problem! Check out our Sample Packs to get the best selection we have to offer today!