Sample Packs Collection

Sample Packs Collection


      At SteamyBean, we understand that not everyone wishes to purchase a full-sized 12oz pouch of coffee beans, especially when trying something new.

      While we can offer all the flavor descriptions in the world and reveal just how our growing and roasting methods help our coffee stand out among the rest, you don’t know until you taste it for yourself.

      You should feel free to enjoy a sample pack order that will help you get to know the kind of coffee we sell, why it’s so popular, and the true value of care placed into our farmer’s growing efforts.

      Our sample packs can also serve as a fantastic gift for a loved one or friend, allowing you to showcase just how worthwhile enjoying properly roasted coffee beans can be. Perhaps you’d like to help a friend overcome their reliance on instant coffee, or maybe you simply wish to treat yourself this year.

      All of our sample packs provide six 2oz packs of our main flavor profiles, enough so you can enjoy a cup or two of them and weigh the differences, seeing which one best suits your flavor profile, ready for your main order.

      As of right now, we offer two main coffee sampler packs:


      Our single-origin coffee sampler pack offers a few flavors, including our Brazil Santos pack with a medium roast, offering cocoa notes that are smooth and elegant. We also offer the Colombian roast, sourced from smallholding farmers in Medellin, with notes of dried orange, berry, and chocolate flavors.

      Moreover, our beautiful roasts from Ethiopia and Honduras offer chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar notes between them. If you’re looking to travel the world via single origin with a range of delectable medium roasts, this is the best and most prominent place to start. 


      Our best sellers include the blends we’ve become known for, a great way to introduce someone you know to our flavor profiles or to experiment with them yourself. From our excellent house breakfast blend sourced from South America to our Steampunk Cowboy blend known for its amazing caramel, cocoa, and vanilla notes - our excellent purveyors have cultivated an incredible gradual tasting session you can enjoy over the weeks and make notes regarding your favorites.

       Here you may enjoy coffee flavors you’ve never managed to enjoy before, such as Blue Moon from our Bali single-origin, offering dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar flavors in a very drinkable med-dark roast option.

       Why Steamybean Coffee?

       Our coffee sample packs offer the most delicious and balanced range of flavor profiles, and we believe delicious coffee should never be limited to the high street coffee shop. But, rather great coffee should be something you can easily order, experiment with, and ultimately have fun trying out.

       After all, we believe coffee is something to enjoy, and its processing is a craft to appreciate. There’s no reason to be high-minded about such a hobby when enjoying ourselves is all we need. Why not try to do that today by enjoying our sample packs for the first time?

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