Flavored Coffee Collection

Flavored Coffee Collection


       Steamy Bean showcases a range of flavors our keen tastemakers have sourced in order some of the best specialty coffee flavors available.

       We are passionate about growing coffee beans in their most natural environments, and so it tracks that we source our beans from all over the world. These farms meet our highest standards of trust and appropriate farming methods, and we make sure that every single batch is checked for quality before being sold.

      All of our flavors are available in 12oz pouches for easy storage.



      With a truly unique aging process in the middle of a bourbon barrel for thirty days, then carefully roasted to perfectly preserve flavor (only in small batches to ensure consistency), whiskey lovers are sure to get a kick out of this kind of flavor profile.

      This medium roast is both classy and distinguished, light but punchy in flavor. We believe it’s what a proper Steampunk professional would drink.


      Keep an eye on our flavors page to see how we cycle them over time. Odds are, you’ll be surprised just how many tickle your taste buds. Try our best coffee selections today!



      You can't resist the temptation of this rich, decadent drink that's just perfect for sharing with friends and family - or keeping all to yourself! Our delicious Mexican Chocolate Coffee has hints of chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla. It's fantastic by itself, hot or cold, and even better when you add some Tequila or Kahlua.