3 Easy Ways to Make An Espresso For Beginners

Every coffee master starts as a newbie, and your journey to learning how to make an espresso is not any different. Before you can create the perfect tasting espresso; first, you have to learn the right method. Make no mistake, making a great shot of espresso takes a lot of work. You should get the right measurement and pay close attention to every step in the coffee-making process. Here we will share three easy ways to make an espresso for beginners using the best beginner espresso machine.

How to Do It?

One way to make an espresso is with an automatic espresso machine. This machine will essentially do all the work for you. However, it’ll cost you a pretty penny and it won’t teach you how to make espresso from scratch. However, the methods listed below will allow you to build your skillset and hone in on your newfound espresso skills. In the process, you might even become a professional barista!

The AeroPress

For this method, you will need:
– AeroPress
– High-quality ground coffee beans
– Measurement scale.

First, prepare the AeroPress by putting the filter inside. Try to find and use a fine, thick filter to slow the flow of the water when pressing.

Second, stack the AeroPress above the cup and drop your desired amount of ground coffee.
Add 3/4 cup of hot water and stir.
Dip the plunger harder to extract the bean’s delightful taste.
Serve your espresso warm.


The French Press

For our next espresso-making process, you’ll need:
– A French Press
– High-quality, finely ground coffee
– A cup of hot water (93-96 °C or 199-204 °F)

Brew the coffee by placing the ground coffee in the French Press and adding hot water. Close the lid for five minutes and let the coffee steep and release your beans’ flavorful notes.

Press the plunger twice, slowly with the same amount of pressure each time. In the second plunge, hold it down until the concentrate rises to the top.
Pour it into your favorite cup and enjoy it!


The Moka Pot

It takes a little more expertise to make a perfect demitasse of espresso.
All you need for this process is:
– A handy-dandy kettle – Moka Pot
– High-quality, finely ground, coffee beans

Add about 1/3 cup of water into the Moka Pot. Pour the finely, ground coffee into the built-in filter. Then, shake a little to settle down. Secure the lid of the pot. Place on a burner and allow it to boil on medium heat. The pressure inside helps to make a concentrated aromatic coffee.

Next, pour the coffee into a mug and experience a delightfully flavored espresso.



There’s a wide-array of fully-automatic espresso machines on the market today. However, they can be costly and won’t give you the basic skills you need to make an espresso from scratch. With the methods mentioned above, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with a fancy, tasty coffee-drink. Good luck!

If you have questions or comments, post them below! We love talking about coffee, answering questions and improving your coffee craft.

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