4oz Bags of House Blend Favorites, Sample Pack of 5

1.56 lb

Steam Punk

Origin Blends: Sidamo, Sumatra

Roast Type: French

Tasting Profile: Earthy, Heavy-Bodied, Wine-like, Mouthfeel & Acidity



Origin Blends: Yrgacheffe, Sidamo

Roast Type: Vienna

Tasting Profile: Caramelized fruit, molasses, full-bodied, crisp & lively acidity



Origin Blend: Bali, Latin America

Roast Blend: Blonde & Vienna

Tasting Profile: Lemon, Bright Acidity, Delicate Floral Overtones


Steam Locomotive

Origin Blends: Latin America, Sidamo

Roast Option: French

Tasting Profile: Sweet Berries, Cocoa, Robust & Mildly Smoky



Origin Blend: Sumatra, Sidamo, Latin America

Roast Type: Vienna

Tasting Profile: Molasses, milk chocolate, berries, silky-bodied & a sweet, lingering finish