Asian-Style, Double-Wall Borosilicate Glass Heat-Resistant Cup


Sip your next espresso from a double-wall, handcrafted borosilicate, heat-resistant glass cup that serves a very practical purpose.

Any coffee-aficionado will love, love, love this cup as it is ideal for both, hot and cold beverages. The thick, outer layer yields a surface that stays cool-to-the-touch with hot-beverages, preserves the chill of a cold-beverage and it will not "sweat" outside on a summer day.  

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that is known to for its resistance to thermal shock, making it a great choice for beverages that are extremely hot - such as coffee - and/or extremely cold - like slushy's or smoothies.   

Set of 2 for an intimate occasion

Set of 6 for a party or group meeting