Specialty Coffee Collection

Specialty Coffee Collection


      Did you know that specialty grade coffee is more than just flavored coffee? In fact, specialty coffee has nothing to do with added flavoring at all! Specialty grade coffee is defined by the geographic region, farming process, brewing process, and overall quality at every stage of production. 

      In 1998, the Specialty Coffee Administration published an article that set the basis of the definition of specialty coffee that is used within the industry today. The article stated “My understanding of the origin of the term ‘specialty coffee’ is that it was first coined by Erna Knutsen, of Knutsen Coffee Ltd., in a speech to the delegates of an international coffee conference in Montreuil, France, in 1978. In essence, the concept was quite simple: special geographic microclimates produce beans with unique flavor profiles, which she referred to as ‘specialty coffees.’ 

      Underlining this idea of coffee appellations was the fundamental premise that specialty coffee beans would always be well prepared, freshly roasted, and properly brewed. This was the craft of the specialty coffee industry that had been slowly evolving during the twenty-year period preceding her speech. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) continues to define specialty in this context.”

      Why Choose Specialty Grade Coffee

      Specialty grade coffee is held to a much higher standard than any other coffee on the market. These coffee blends are carefully cultivated, transported, and processed to produce the very best flavor possible. 

      In addition to the top quality products, specialty coffee promotes quality farming practices in a variety of regions including Ethiopia, Kenya, Columbia, Panama, and Bali. Specialty grade coffee is only produced by highly educated, skilled farmers from these select regions, however, popularity is growing to include new regions every year.  

      Bourbon Barrel

      Our Bourbon Barrel specialty coffee is made with carefully selected coffee beans that are aged in a bourbon barrel for thirty days. This allows the coffee to take on the subtle, dark flavors of the whiskey. The beans are then roasted to perfection in small batches to maintain the absolute best quality possible. 

      Bali Blue Moon

      Our Bali Blue Moon specialty coffee is a medium dark roast that features hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar.This coffee is designed to be brewed using a French press rather than through a filter. This is because the paper filter will trap key flavors altering the final product. A French press will allow you to experience the sweet, full-bodied aroma and flavor of the Bali Blue Moon coffee. 

      If you are looking for the top quality coffee from a source you can trust to have sound farming practices, our specialty coffee is the product for you! At Steamy Bean, we strive to provide only the best coffee on the market. In fact, we believe in our coffee so much that we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee. We stand behind every bag of Steamy Bean Coffee. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase.

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